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This blog is about online communication.  This is where I post research findings, news stories, general musings and miscellaneous ideas about online phenomena that I think other people might find interesting as well.  These days, I am most interested in online reviews. That is, I am exploring how individuals write about their consumer experiences for a public online audience – and also the language that businesses use to respond to consumer reviews. This is still a new-ish form of user-generated business discourse, and it represents a growing area of inquiry for scholars working in many fields: applied linguistics, communication, marketing, economics, computer science, tourism studies, and many others.

About me

 C Vasquez Ubud

I am a discourse analyst. In the past, I have studied how people communicate in educational settings. And in the last 6-7 years, I have become more interested in how we use language in online environments. I am a university professor and a researcher. I have published over 20 research articles in a wide range of scholarly journals. My first book, The Discourse of Online Consumer Reviews, was recently published by Bloomsbury.

To find out more about my research visit: http://camillavasquez.com/

Contact info: cvasquez at usf.edu

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