My book is out!

Last week, I went to my office on campus, and waiting for me was a big box, wrapped in a big mailing bag with a return address from Sweden.  In it, there were 6 hardcover copies of my book sent to me from my publisher!


Honestly, it felt a bit surreal to hold in my hands this tangible, concrete object that began — over 3 years ago — as a few loosely-connected ideas scribbled onto a half-sheet of paper in a HelloKitty notebook.

I held my breath as I first turned the pages, gradually exhaling a little bit at a time, as I checked that yes, it was really all in there,  the tables looked good, and the edits I requested had been made.

And then I spotted my first typo in Chapter 5.  It made me smile as I recalled an often-quoted phrase that one of my former professors used to say: “There is error in all we do.”I know that I am likely to catch 1 or 2 more typos as I study the culmination of my efforts more carefully, but right now, I am still smiling.



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